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Marmara Beach

Marmara or Dialiskari beach

An amazing secluded small pebbly bay shaped near the exit of the imposing Aradena Gorge, in Sfakia region. It is located 85km south of Chania city and 5km west of Loutro. It is the beach where the ramblers of Aradena Gorge rest before continuing their course to Loutro. The beautiful beach of Marmara can be reached in several ways but not by car. Access is either by small boats which operate daily from Loutro, or by hiking from Loutro (1.5 hours) or through the gorge of Aradaina that exits to the beach (4 hours). We would suggest that you follow the path through the gorge, as the excursion is excellent and the scenery you will encounter is unique. Alternatively, you can see the gorge of Aradaina starting from the beach and visiting only a part of it.

"Marmara" means "marbles" in Greek and the beach was named after the towering white rocky cliffs that surround it. Although it is relatively inaccessible, the beach of Marmara surprisingly gathers an adequate amount of visitors. The beach is organised with sun beds and umbrellas, as well as a small tavern where you will find delicious traditional food or anything else you may need.