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Glyka Nera

Considered one of the most captivating beaches in Crete.

Glyka Nera Beach is a remote destination on the southwestern coast of Crete, only accessible by foot or boat. Nevertheless, the splendid fine pebble beach is worth visiting for its secluded and romantic atmosphere, as well as the dramatic surrounding scenery with high cliffs or the clear freshwater springs that flow into the sea. Literally meaning “sweetwater” Beach, this location truly is one of the hidden treasures of Crete, a getaway destination revealing the unique beauty of the island.

The beach of Glyka Nera means “Swee twater”, its name coming from the clear freshwater springs that flow through the small pebbles and into the sea. The water is drinkable and gives this beach a unique charm, doubled by its complete remoteness between the high cliffs around. Visiting this secluded beach is quite an adventure for those who dare to hike the few kilometers along the treacherous coast from either Loutro in the west or Chora Sfakion in the east.