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About Us

Villa Galatia, situated at the top end of the village Goni in the Askifou plateau, has been built with natural materials consistent with the local tradition.

Its ideal location can serve as the starting point for your ventures to Chora Sfakion, the picturesque Loutro, the enchanting Fragokastello, the gorge of Imvros and many more places of interest.

A few words about the name of our villa.

In ancient times there were four GALATEAS.

- Galatea, the fairest of the Nereids (sea nymphs)

- Galatea, the Cretan girl from Festos

- Galatea, the Cypriot girl with whom the King of Pafos fell in love, and

- Galatea, the one favoured by Dionysus, the god of wine.

Our Galatea has inherited the beauty of the first, the fortitude of the second, the elegant poise of the third, and the artistry of the last.

Villa Galatia has no season. It is there year round to tame the winter and adorn it with warmth, to cool the heat of the summer and to join the moments of spring with those of autumn, thus calming the restlessness of time. Villa Galatia stands proudly at the top of the hill dreamily observing the bright-green plain that lies beneath her. The vast sky sheds its light upon her from above and the breeze gracefully wraps itself around her stony hair, whispering to her how special she is! Situated in the Askifou plateau of the province of Sfakia, Crete, 50km from the city of Chania, at an altitude of 780m. The Askifou plateau resembles a large cup, from which it is considered to have gotten its name, as the ancient word “skifos” means cup. There are four little villages that make up the plateau: Ammoudari, Goni, Kares and Petres, which are all sparsely populated by a total of approximately 440 permanent residents.