Villa Galatia is a traditional lodging, situated in the Askifou plateau of the province of Sfakia, Crete, 50km from the city of Chania, at an altitude of 780m. The Askifou plateau resembles a large cup, from which it is considered to have gotten its name, as the ancient word “skifos” means cup.

There are four little villages that make up the plateau: Ammoudari, Goni, Kares and Petres, which are all sparsely populated by a total of approximately 440 permanent residents.

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The province of Sfakia is known for its unique natural beauty, which is of great ecological significance. The White Mountain range, stretching all along Sfakia, consists of 100 peaks, 58 of which rise to an altitude of over 2,000m. Many of these snow-capped summits remain covered in snow even during the summer, while others are overgrown with ancient pine and cypress-tree forests.

To the south of the Askifou plateau lies the road leading to the area of Fragokastello that is well-known for its local legend, according to which every year at the end of May the “Drosoulites” appear with the morning dew. These figures are considered to be the shadows of the dead warriors of Hatzi Mihali Daliani, who protected Fragokastello against the Turks.

To the east of the plateau there is a road ascending to the Kallikratis plateau, from which you may either head for Fragokastello or Asi Gonia and then make your way towards the city of Rethymno.

To the west of the plateau there is a road and pathway leading up to the plateau of Niatos, as well as the mountain shelter of Tavris. This is also the starting point for the ascent up the summit of Kastro (2,218m).