In the village of Kares in Askifou you can visit the War Museum of George Hatzidakis that displays relics of the 2nd World War, which Hatzidakis himself has collected over the past 50 years.

You can also go hunting at the hunting centre for wild birds, while horse-riding, mountain biking, and bungee jumping on the Aradena Bridge (138m) are also options for activities.

You may visit the Samaria Gorge, the largest gorge in Europe, which is a National Park and stretches 15km, as well as a host of other impressive gorges like that of Imvros, Aradena, Kallikratis, and not to mention, a number of caves. The mountain shelter of Tavris is also well-worth a visit, as its ideal location at an altitude of 1,200m offers an excellent view of the plateaus of Tavris and Niatos.

You should also not neglect a visit to the outstanding beaches of Loutro, Glyka Nera, Marmara, Iliga and Orthi Ammos at Fragokastello, to name just a few.

Regarding the local cuisine, you may sample a variety of traditional tastes and products at the taverns and traditional coffee shops of the area, such as the well-known “Sfakianes pites” (flat thin pie with mizithra cheese and honey), the local lamb stew and the Graviera cheese accompanied by local thyme honey.